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Cooperation process

Put forward the project's technical requirements
Technical feasibility assessment
Concept design
Testing and verification of key points and difficulties
Review of concept design with customer, signing technical agreement
Quotation and business negotiation
Signing the contract
Reports; acceptance; delivery


AUsually we will first get a general understanding of the basic information such as the assembly process and requirements of the customer's product, and then the engineer is ready to take the question points to the site to understand and communicate more effectively.
AThe customer puts forward the technical requirements of the project --> Lyric conducts technical feasibility assessment --> Lyric creates concept design --> Lyric conducts testing and verification of key points and difficulties --> Both parties review the concept design together and sign a technical agreement --> Quotation and business negotiation --> Contract signing --> Contract fulfillment, reports, acceptance and delivery
AHello! We can provide a 2D layout plan after the feasibility assessment for your company in the early stage when the project has been approved.
AAt present, we have established cooperative relationships with many industry leaders and Fortune 500 companies, mainly in new energy, auto body and parts, precision electronics and other fields, and are highly favored by domestic and foreign partners. The equipment is exported to Germany, the United States, Canada and other countries.
ABecause our company specializes in customized development of complete sets of equipment for customers, there is no prototype on site to visit, but other types of equipment are being assembled and commissioned. You are welcome to visit our company. Due to the confidentiality of the customers' technology, the videos cannot be sent out, and can be referred to when visiting our company.
AIt depends on the size of the project. Ordinary production lines (within 30 meters of straight line) have a delivery time of 90 days after signing the contract.