Saudi Arabia

Cooperation Process


  • How long is the lead time of equipment commonly?

    According to the size of the project.

  • Do you have any model machine to understand at the scene? Can you provide equipment videos?

    As our company is specialized in customizing and developing complete equipment for the customers, we do not have any model machines for visiting at the scene, but there are other types of equipments under assembly and debugging, and welcome you to our company for on-the-spot investigation. Due to the confidentiality of client technology, video cannot be sent, and we can offer reference when you visiting our company

  • Which customers did the equipment company cooperate with or develop in the past?

    At present, we have established cooperation with many industry leaders and world top 500 enterprises, mainly involving new energy, automotive body and parts, precision electronic appliances, hardware & locks and other fields, much popular with domestic and foreign merchants. Our equipments are exported to Germany, the United States, Canada and other countries

  • If a 3D scheme will be provided at the early stage of project approach?

    Hello! After our preliminary feasibility assesment for your company, in the case of that the project has been set up, we can provide 2D layout scheme. 

  • What is the cooperation process?

    The customer puts forward the project technical requirements --> Lyric conducts feasibility technology assessment --> Lyric conducts project design --> Lyric conducts key points and difficulties test argument --> both sides review the design plan and sign technical specification --> quotation and business negotiation --> contract signing --> perform the contract, the process report, acceptance and delivery 

  • The new project is started, but it is not convenient to provide technical data, could you arrange engineers to the scene to understand and communicate?

    Usually, we will first understand customers’ basic information roughly such as the present process, demand, etc., and then the engineers will prepare with questions to the scene to understand and communicate more effectively.

After-sales Service

1. We provide free maintenance of production line (except wearing parts) and related technical guidance for 1 year. Quality problems not due to man-made reasons in the warranty period are responsible by the supplier.
In case of production line fault caused by buyer's reason, we only charge corresponding accessories fee, service fee, man-hour cost, etc. according to the actual fault handling.

2. In case of production line fault in the warranty period, we will response within 2 hours after receiving the notification; if it needs to dispatch technicians to the scene of the production line, we promise to arrive at the scene to offer technical services within24 hours in case of inside Guangdong Province,48 hours in case of outside Guangdong Province but in China, and72hours in case of outside China.

3. After the acceptance of production line, we will return visit by phone at regular intervals or visit customers on the spot, and solve the problems during using process of production line.

4. After the quality guarantee period of production line, we will provide the paid favorable lifelong technical support and services.