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Guangdong Lyric Robot Automation Co., Ltd. focuses on customized R&D, production and sales of high-end intelligent complete sets of automation equipment, and is committed to providing customers in the fields of new energy, auto parts, precision electronics, rail transit and other fields with intelligent manufacturing solutions.

From the overall integration of automation equipment, automated production lines, intelligent warehousing and logistics, information products to digital factories, according to the characteristics of different fields, Lyrics excels at perceptual detection, high-speed and high-precision control, laser processing, artificial intelligence and digital information technology by combining them with our own software development platform. We provide highly competitive products and services for the world’s top 500 companies and leading companies in various fields.

All origins,
Come from the wild, come from a powerful and unconstrained style,
Come from the first note falling on the movement.

In 2002

, the founding team of Lyric played the first note.
  • Establishment of Guangdong Lyric Robot Automation Co., Ltd. and Huizhou Suowo Technology Co., Ltd.

  • ● ERP, PM, PLM, SRM, CRM, DingTalk and other IT tools are fully online

    ● Cooperation with Japan's Aisin Seiki.

  • ● Awarded as a National High-Tech Enterprise

    ● Order amount of a single project exceeds 200 million RMB

    ● Equipment exported to Canada

  • ● Complete lines for EV battery cell assembly and module and pack assembly delivered to customers

    ● Established cooperative relations with well-known Canadian auto parts company

    ● Won the bid for stacked battery cell assembly line project at Lishen Qingdao

  • ● Approved to establish a national post-doctoral research station

    ● Appointed Academician Tan Jianrong of China and Academician Zhang Jianwei of Germany as technical expert consultants

    ● Intelligent assembly line for automobile body structure parts exported to Germany

    ● Established cooperative relations with Siemens and China Railway

    ● Won the bid for EV battery module assembly lines at multiple manufacturing bases of BYD

  • ● Core equipment of the lithium battery cell assembly and battery testing section was recognized as international advanced level

    ● Won the bid for ZTE's wireless base station smart factory project

    ● Won the bid for Sunwoda's Nanjing Phase I 2.7 GWh project

    ● Won the bid for Great Wall's SVOLT pouch cell pilot line project

    ● Intelligent equipment project in Germany officially accepted

Learn more about Lyric

play with lyric

The wonderful play


Is subversion,

It’s a cyclone rushing forward,

It is the way we compose and create an intelligent world.

Mature experience of 2000+ projects

More than 10 domestic and foreign leading technology application production lines

Global Coordinator

2800+  number of employees worldwide

1500+   engineers

Coordinator Efficiency

1200+ units/year   equipment delivery capacity

>470   number of projects we are able to carry out simultaneously

2000+ cumulative number of developed non-standard projects

We are all players of intelligent symphony.

Won20+ national, provincial and ministerial qualifications and honors

Industrial park layout

Xinle Industrial Park

Huizhou branch

Ma'an branch

Partners and customers

Your smart production future,
We play together with you!