Lyric Robot is a nationally leading supplier of high-end intelligent equipment and factory automation solutions and offers services for leading companies in the fields of new energy battery and energy storage, automotive parts, precision electronics, intelligent security, medical device, rail transportation.
Our company has owned many general techniques involved in integrated intelligent solutions, such as industrial robot applications, visual applications, digital and intelligent monitoring, centrally integrated control, optical inspection, laser welding, precision glue injection technique. Lyric Robot provides global top 500 enterprises with integrated factory automation solutions.

Adhering to the conception of market-oriented and technology-oriented, Lyric Robot shall hold strict management as the company’s foundation and insist on the principles of combination of production, learning and research. Meanwhile, Lyric Robot co-establishes production-learning- research cooperation bases with many colleges and universities. And Lyric Robot establishes cooperative relationship with high-end research institutes at home and abroad to provide sufficient talents and substantial technical support for the company’s  research and development.

In the future, with Industrial 4.0 and "Made in China 2025" as opportunities and "Make Chinese Automation Strong and Refined" as mission, Lyric Robot will strengthen innovation ability and enhance the company’s comprehensive strength and status in the field of intelligent equipment and realize as soon as possible the great vision of becoming a world-class supplier of integrated solutions of factory automation. 

Lyric Robot has made "Rock Your Automated Solutions!" world-renowned.



Core values

Customer First, Work hard and perseveringly, Sapientia, Achieve yourself and others

Business mission

Commit to the development of automation technology of national equipment and make Chinese automation stronger and better.

Talent policy

Adhere to the internal training strategy:Recognize, Commend, Use, Respect and Cultivate Talents.

Corporate vision

Committed to be a worldclass supplier of FA solution.

Quality policy

Spirit of the craftsman, high quality delivery.

Management policy

All the operation and management shall meet satisfaction with staff, customers, shareholders and society.

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