Lyric Robot specializes in providing integrated solution to the factory automation,

    including visual detection, tightening, welding, injection, cleaning, testing, conveying and stacking.

   Lyric Robot plays an important role in promoting industrial automation in the manufacturing of new energy, automotive parts, precision electronics, boutique packaging, security, medical appliance, hardware and pump. Lyric Robot is famous for her high-efficiency and high-precision assembly.

    Lyric Robot is maintaining dominance in Chinese market, meanwhile, her automatic equipment has been exported to Germany, UK, USA, Canada, Mexico. Lyric Robot has made "Rock Your Automated Solutions!" world-renowned.

R & D Key Indicators

Investment in R & D in 2017 (% of sales): 20%

Number of external R & D partners (universities): 8

Number of patents granted: 134 items

Software copyright: 8 items

Number of R & D staff: 507 people

Manufacturing Capability Indicators

More Than 5000 Successful Projects Experience

Project Acceptance Period on Average3-5Months

Ability to Concurrently Manage ≥70 Projects

Talent Indicators (September 2017)

The total number of employees worldwide: 1065 people

Has a Bachelor Degree Number of employees: 640 people

Have a master's degree Number of employees: 89 people

Have a doctoral degree Number of employees: 13 people

Bachelor and above staff account for 70% of total staff



Core values

Customer First, Work hard and perseveringly, Sapientia, Achieve yourself and others

Business mission

Commit to the development of automation technology of national equipment and make Chinese automation stronger and better.

Talent policy

Adhere to the internal training strategy:Recognize, Commend, Use, Respect and Cultivate Talents.

Corporate vision

Committed to be a worldclass supplier of FA solution.

Quality policy

Spirit of the craftsman, high quality delivery.

Management policy

All the operation and management shall meet satisfaction with staff, customers, shareholders and society.


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