Digital Intelligent

Internet of Things Perception System

RFID \ Communication Network, GPS Positioning

Lyric Robot made for the Internet based on the industrial cloud service platform, which has covered all aspects of automation systems products. With the industrial 4.0 and intelligent manufacturing concept gradually in-depth and popular, Lyric Robot combined with their own advantages to create a number of information technology based on the collection of technology platform, the core product covers data collection, traceability, visual operation and other aspects, including UHF RFID products, bar code reading equipment - Lyric Robot cloud trace, the depth of the IoT custom wireless remote monitoring technology platform, innovative mobile intelligent terminal - Lyric Robot horn cloud kit (kit-pad), and real-time picture transmission industry Smart camera - Lyric Robot cloud eyes. Combined with these intelligent hardware and platform, Lyric Robot to create a meet the information requirements of the intelligent plant information management system, help enterprises to achieve intelligent manufacturing vision.

Internet of Things perception system

PMC Production Planning and Material Control System

Tracking, send and receive, save PMC (Product Material Control) refers to the production planning and production progress, as well as the material planning, storage, use and other aspects of supervision and management and waste prevention and treatment work. PMC mainly has two aspects of the work, that is, PC and MC. The PMC system is a centralized management system. It is the central server for the computing center, multiple monitoring computer as a terminal. Through the MES or ERP to obtain the production information, to guide the equipment terminal and production personnel to normal production. So that the production staff correct, fast and easy to complete the task of production. It has the functions of real-time production control, emergency plan processing, bad product management and so on, which can effectively reduce the error rate of upper pieces, speed up the speed of the pieces, arrange the route of delivery personnel reasonably and improve the working efficiency.

Internet of Things perception system

PTL Material Sorting System

With the continuous expansion of the concept of industry 4.0, intelligent manufacturing will be the development trend of China's manufacturing industry. The future of the production enterprises not only in the production process of the pursuit of intelligence, warehousing, tools, equipment, intelligent management will become a new trend. PTL system is the company's ingredients area material electronic picking system for short, is installed on the shelves of each cargo LED electronic label to replace the picking orders, the use of system control to order information transmitted to the electronic label, guide the work Staff is right, fast and easy to complete the picking work.

Internet of Things perception system

SOA Manufacturing Integrated Information System

Can quickly and efficiently integrate all devices and systems to operate on a reliable platform. soa between the system can communicate, the perfect solution to the problem of information island. From the production dimensions, improve the ERP-MES-PCS hardware and software vertical integration; from the product dimension, improve the PDM-CAPP-PLM, to achieve product life cycle management integration; from the business dimension, improve SCM-CRM-ERP integrated.

Internet of Things perception system

Through the five major factors of production

  • People

    In the manufacturing process, the operator dispatches and arranges, the personnel efficiency and the abnormal

  • Machine

    Based on equipment, network equipment, basic information and equipment, automatic production information collection, real-time view of production, without manual input, the realization of M2M

  • Material

    Integrated production speed and material loss, combined with FRID radio frequency technology, accurate tracking of material loss and estimates, and IQC inspection, etc.

  • Mode

    Operation process paperless, according to ERP production plan, according to the different steps, these information can be set by the MES information, the direct operation method

  • Environment

    In the manufacturing process, the team environment has strict requirements, based on the sensor for the environment temperature, humidity and other customized information collection

Industrial Data Intelligence Analyst

  • Mobile Side

    The factory installed on behalf of the generation, anytime, anywhere to view the production data.

  • Computer Side

    Not into the workshop can also look at the workshop equipment status.

  • Workshop Production Line

    Inspection tool, the production line is clearly visible shop line.

Retrospective \ Track \ Control

  • Retrospective (past)

    Where does it come from?
    Which of the planned parts is provided by which supplier
    What is the incoming batch?
    Who worked?
    Who tested?
    Experience those processes Is there a rework record?

  • Tracking (now)

    Where is it now?
    What is the station and equipment?
    Who is working?
    What operating instructions are being used?
    Is the current test parameter up to standard?
    The current anti-error / anti-fool means?
    Is the current CPK / product rate normal?
    What grade should be included?

  • Control (future)

    Where does it go?
    Which warehouse should be assigned to?
    Which customer should flow to?
    Which check process should be entered?
    Should the key data be output?
    How to pick up the best in power?

How to choose the best intelligent factory suppliers and partners?

Intelligent plant supplier capacity of the three heights
80% for today manufacturers

The compatibility of functional occupation and demand

Functionality meets current needs 01
15% for tomorrow manufacturers

The openness and extensibility of the system

System sustainable optimization 02
5% for the future manufacturers

System modeling methodology, system platform and architecture forward-looking

Supporting enterprise strategic integration and diversified expansion of business 03