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Coagulometer Cup automatic Assembly Machine

Product Functions

The production line set machine, electricity, gas in one, simple and convenient operation, high degree of automation, fully embodies the principle of people-oriented design. The whole machine is controlled by programmable logic controller (PLC) and human-machine interface to realize visual automatic control, full function high-speed automatic production, convenient operation and maintenance. The use of vibrating plate feeding, automatic detection and elimination of defective products, mechanical transmission, positioning accuracy, equipment using well-known imported brand electrical components, quality assurance.

Process Flow

The equipment mainly completes the 18x15.6x5 blood coagulation cup inside the ball loading and the material belt presses enters the procedure. Fully automatic operation to complete the blood coagulation cup material, steel ball loading, material with pressure, cup column hot pressure, the number of assembly can be arbitrary input, and choose different modes.

Technology Used

Equipment Parameters

  • Production capacity ≥45Pcs/min
  • Working voltage AC 380V,50/60Hz
  • Quality rate ≥98%
  • Rated power 6.15KW
  • Operation ratio ≥95%
  • Working air pressure 0.5-1Mpa
  • Number of station 5
  • Control mode PLC+touch screen+PC
  • Weight of equipment 5T
  • Overall dimensions 2500mm*3500mm*2200mm(L*W*H)

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