EV Battery Module Assembly and Testing Line

Product Functions

Production Line Functional Specification:· High flexibility: robots convey batteries, high flexibility, fast production efficiency.·  Precision detection: the robot end-effector has functions of position detection and anti-collision detection.·  Various inspection sensor systems: CCD sensor, scanning system, displacement sensor, etc., to ensure the safety of batteries and stability and reliability of equipment.·  Seamless connecting with MES system: the production logic can be matched according to the order, and the batch of cell feeding can be seamlessly switched.· Pressure testing method of film: the accuracy of detecting aluminum leak is 100%.· High-precision 3D profile scanner: detecting the effect of gluing and the bonding height between the pole and the connection sheet.· New technology: new foam sponge roller film wrapping is used to prevent bubbles from forming.· High-precision deviation correction system: control the feeding accuracy of film.· Electrically adjustable tension force: the tension can be adjusted according to the viscosity.·  Effective cell dust removal system: including Electrostatic Elimination System in the cleaning process of aluminum shell, Dust Demoval and Ventilation Speed System and Ventilation Pressure Monitoring System.·  Effective control of glue amount: The program can automatically switch the trajectory and glue amount of the cell.· Reliable and detectable welding: the process has the function of tightening each pole connection sheet, adjustable and monitored pressure, and automatic cleaning of welding slag by welding tightening tooling.

Process Flow

Process of Equipment 

The production line completes the process of cell monomer processing, battery film-wrapping, battery stacking, module side plate gap welding, module welding, etc. The production line is connected with the digital twin factory platform to realize intelligent, flexible and informational production.

Technology Used

Equipment Parameters

  • Production capacity ≥12PPM
  • Working voltage AC380V/50Hz
  • Quality rate ≥99%
  • Rated power 282.7KW
  • Operation ratio ≥99%
  • Working air pressure 0.5MPa~0.7MPa
  • Number of station 41
  • Control mode MES、PLC
  • Weight of equipment 225.68T
  • Overall dimensions 62000mm*8000mm*3000mm

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