BMS Control Box Automatic Spraying Assembly Line

Product Functions

• Product position detection, stoppage warning  function, timely elimination of stoppageRealize intelligent assembly and production of PCB board, bottom cover, front cover and improves production capacity and yield rate.•The screw feeding system ensure fast and accurate screwing and enhance capacity

Process Flow

After PCB pressing plate is in place, the equipment will transfer PCB pressing plate to the lock screw location automatically; CCD visual system will position PCB pressing plate screw holes, and photograph and scan the QR code on the PCB automatically; CCD visual system will confirm the screw plate and screw number automatically.

Technology Used

Equipment Parameters

  • Production capacity
  • Working voltage AC380±10V,50Hz-60Hz
  • Quality rate ≥99%
  • Rated power 16KW
  • Operation ratio ≥95%
  • Working air pressure 0.5-0.7Mpa
  • Number of station 9
  • Control mode PLC + touch screen
  • Weight of equipment 36.12T
  • Overall dimensions 8617mm×4250mm × 2000mm(L*H*W)

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