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Car Door Lock Automatic Assembly Machine

Product Functions

The production line is customized for a well-known auto parts company Aisin Seiki and it is door lock automatic assembly line. High-capacity 18s / Pcs, compatible with more than 8 kinds of standard door locks. Leveraging the proprietary traceability system developed by Lyric Robot, the main stations are traceable. The assembly station fully consider the operational safety, the use of safety grating, double start button and other safety agencies to ensure the safety of the operator's personal safety.

Process Flow

Car door Lock automatic assembly machine mainly realize the automatic feeding, assembly ,riveting of 8 kinds of left and right lock body,  spring, rubber block, pin, pull plate, locking claw, lock tongue, cover and connecting piece.  Realize fully automatic production assembly to increase production efficiency and simplify the manual operation.

Technology Used

Equipment Parameters

  • Production capacity ≥600Pcs/H
  • Working voltage AC220±10%,50Hz
  • Quality rate 99%
  • Rated power 52.58KW
  • Operation ratio ≥98%
  • Working air pressure 0.3-0. 5MPa
  • Number of station 23
  • Control mode PLC + touch screen
  • Weight of equipment 30T
  • Overall dimensions 10000mmx3000mmx2500mm

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