Car Hinge Automatic Assembly Detection Equipment

Product Functions

• Comply with UL International Standards and RHS operational safety standards• Automatic loading of large products• 80-100t large tonnage pin riveting • Flexible production of left and right hinges

Process Flow

Automatic riveting of spring adjustment plate and pin, assembly of connection piece, shaft cover and pin, assembly of screws and nuts, automatic assembly of main fittings and the cover bracket,
detection of assembly by displacement sensor, function test, coding and discharging after riveting.

Equipment can achieve automatic feeding, riveting, automatic screwing, assembly and riveting testing, function testing of finished products, coding and other functions, and achieve sorting and discharging finished product, OK product counting and packaging.

Technology Used

Equipment Parameters

  • Production capacity
  • Working voltage AC 380V,3Φ,50Hz或 AC 220V,3Φ, 60Hz
  • Quality rate ≥99%
  • Rated power ≈46KW
  • Operation ratio ≥98%
  • Working air pressure 0.5-0.6Mpa
  • Number of station 33
  • Control mode PLC+touch screen+PC
  • Weight of equipment 68.2T
  • Overall dimensions 11000×10500×2300mm(L*W*H)

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