01Automotive Parts Field

We specialize in manufacturing auto body and parts assembly test welding and other high-end complete equipment, combining molding robot, to improve product quality, reduce labor costs for the global well-known enterprises, and help enterprises’ successful transformation and upgrading.

02Batteries & Energy Field

According to the national key support to the new energy field, we carry out professional research and development of consumer batteries soft package, power battery PACK and other high-end intelligent complete equipment and the industrial robot system integration.

03Precision Electronics Field

We are skilled in computer production line, household appliances, water heaters and other electronic products research and development and manufacturing, as well as all kinds of high-end intelligent complete equipment, and we strive to be a world’s first-class automation solutions supplier.

04Pumps Fastener& Locks Field

We focus on intelligent equipment research and development of blade lock, night lock, lock sleeve, doors and windows corner clip, submersible pump and other products, ahead of peers, selling in markets overseas.

05Medical Field

Professional research and development of high-performance automation, with high capacity, high rate and other characteristics, favored by the industry.

06Security Field

Focus on supplying best intelligent equipment solution in security field. Our smoke detector and Manual Fire Alarm Button fully-automatic assembly line have received high recognition in industry.

07High-end Customized&Integrated Equipment

We specialize in the refined customization of non-standard, intelligent and integrated equipment and own a R&D team with over 500 people. We shall offer customized and integrated automation solutions to enhance your enterprises' core competitiveness.

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