Lyric Made Staff’s Dreams Come True and Granted Great Prizes Again

Time: Jun 30,2016
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 In 2015, Lyric has granted big prizes to 9 staff with meritorious service, among which 7 Lyric colleagues were reward a limousine each, and 2 colleagues chose housing fund of the value because they already had a car. This was rare in Huizhou local companies, and caused widespread media attention at that time.  


This year, Lyric further intensified the rewards, and granted big prizes to 18 staff with meritorious service, among which 7 colleagues chose cars, and 11 colleagues chose housing funds.

On May 21, 7 colleagues who chose limousines went to 4S store together, and picked up the cars. The award model was the same as last year, Dongfeng Honda SPIRIOR with the official price of more than two hundred thousand Yuan. Even the staff of 4S store admired such luxury award.

"You're amazing, and you can drive such good cars so soon after graduate." A staff of 4S store praised this way.
Some might query that why the company rewards the staff so "generously"?
Lyric Company senior leaders said once in an interview with the Huizhou Daily last year: "The Company belongs to the technology intensive, talents intensive, capital intensive high-end equipment manufacturing enterprises; for such enterprises, talents are especially critical, so entrepreneurs must make in-depth thinking on the company’s personnel retention policy."
But the editor thinks that in addition to this it is more related to the company's cultural atmosphere; in Lyric, the relationship between the company and colleagues is mutual achievement; the company fully excavates the potential and inspires creativity of colleagues through rare big prizes in the industry, to help colleagues successful; Colleagues are filled with gratitude, love their work and are devoted to it, regard work as their career, and create value as return for company.
Along with the continuous development of Lyric, Lyric has the ability to accomplish more colleagues’ success, and make excellent colleagues to live and work in peace and contentment by car and house awards.