Lyric SAP-ERP/PTC-PLM System Import Launch Conference Came to a Successful End

Time: Jun 30,2016
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On July 7, 2015, Lyric SAP-ERP/PTC-PLM system import startup conference was held successfully. Lyric's senior leadership, project managers, key users of project and SAP, PTC project implementation teams attended the conference.

(Group photo of the system launch conference core members)

 Lyric’s General Manager Zhou Junhao made an important speech at the conference firstly. He said that introducing SAP-ERP/PTC-PLM was the need of Lyric’s development strategy, and was an important means to improve Lyric’s management level, working efficiency, work quality and customer satisfaction. Implementation of SAP-ERP/PTC-PLM project was a key step in the process of the company’s information construction, and we would further integrate company resources, optimize the allocation of resources, improve the management process, innovate management model, and promote whole management level and the comprehensive competitive power of enterprise through the SAP-ERP/PTC-PLM project implementation. Subsequently, the Project Manager Fu Shuang also expressed the confidence to complete the task of the new system successfully at the conference.


(The launch conference site)

With the rapid growing of Lyric, original IT management system has been unable to meet the needs of the company. After several months of investigation and selection, Lyric finally chose the world's top business management information system SAP Company and PTC Company, expecting to lay a solid foundation in order to realize Lyric information construction through "alliance between giants".
The two implementation team’s leaders fully affirmed Lyric’s various preparations for the implementation of SAP-ERP/PTC-PLM project, and they said at the same time that, the company would send a powerful team into Lyric, to fully support Lyric’s SAP/PLM project construction, and jointly promote Lyric’s sustainable development of the informationalized construction.


(SAP General Manager Xie is interpreting system knowledge)

SAP software is the No.1 software in the world, and it represents the most advanced management ideas and the most excellent software design. At the conference, the Project Manager of SAP implementing party made a detailed introduction to job contents such as Lyric SAP project background, project objectives, project scope and plan, implementation methods, etc.
PLM could help Lyric to manage complex cross-functional process, and coordinate the work of distributed teams, in order to develop the best products consistently and efficiently. From concept to service until non-use, PTC-PLM solution could manage all aspects of the product life cycle. By optimizing the product development process and the use of a safe single source of information, it could develop competitive, cost-effective high quality products.

(System conference)

The project director of implementing party said that the two key systems of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and PLM (Product Life Management) have become a key factor which decides the success or failure of the manufacturers. They can not only bring the unique value to the enterprise respectively, the enterprise will but also be able to achieve full collaborative environment by combining the two together, and it will have a great impact on a successful product development performance and maintaining manufacturers’ competitive advantages.