The World Mainstream Financial Media Gathered in Lyric

Time: Jul 06,2016
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The joint interview activity "World Mainstream Financial Media Observing Innovation and Development in Guangdong 2016" sponsored by Guangdong Provincial People's Government Information Office with All-China Journalists' Association, Hong Kong Commercial Daily was held on April 17-23. On a seven-day trip, the interview team visited Huizhou, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and Foshan. Guangdong announced to the world again: innovation economy is leading successful transformation of Guangdong economy.
In the afternoon on April 18th, the joint interview team constituted by nearly 40 media and media organizations from all over the world such as German Business Newspaper, Bloomberg News, Financial Times, Reuters, etc. gathered in Lyric.

Lyric made a figure on the international stage again, and let the world understand China's innovation charm in the field of high-end intelligent equipment.

Part of wonderful conversations
German Business Newspaper reporter
Last year, many companies’ economic growth has slowed, what effect does it have on the automation industry?

Lu Miao, the Deputy General Manager of Lyric
No matter what the overall environment is, for industry, automation progress is a must, is reversed transmission; the main advantages of machine substituting people for the enterprise are the reduction of human cost and management cost; at the same time, because machine can achieve the demand of higher precision production, it will bring mode type subversion to the manufacturing process, leading the industry revolution. Against the background of industry 4.0 and the Internet+ era, we still can't forecast enterprises’ demand for automation equipment now. If the market pressure is bigger and bigger, the demand for automation will be higher and higher.

Polish News Agency reporter
Why some robots such as ABB, KUKA are used in your equipment?
Lu Miao, the Deputy General Manager of Lyric
Lyric focuses on providing automation complete sets of solutions in new energy, automotive body and parts, precision electronic appliances, hardware & locks and other fields; in such a complete set of integrated automation production equipment, the robot is just a small part, and we may use a lot of advanced technologies, so it is not surprising that the robots are used abroad. At the same time, along with the rapid development of robot industry in our country, the proportion of using domestic robots by us will also increase, but we do not exclude some European and Japanese excellent advanced products; we will humbly learn from excellent foreign counterparts, integrating the advanced products and technologies into our automation complete equipment, to make it play a greater effectiveness.

Polish News Agency reporter
Does the machinery equipment have safety grating, which will stop when people stretch out hands into the equipment?
Lu Miao, the Deputy General Manager of Lyric
I will answer this, it must be yes, and it is a must. Many of our equipment is exported to overseas and used in many domestic industry giants; in the manufacturing industry, the security requirement for the workers and equipment is very high, so when the operator has wrong operations, our equipment can immediately stop in a flash.

Media reporters
The use of robots will inevitably reduce use of labor, what do you think about the conflict between the two?
Lu Miao, the Deputy General Manager of Lyric
In China, after low value-added labor resources are replaced by the high value-added machinery and equipment, the personnel engaged in low value-added labor can engage in higher value-added labor, which will drive and improve the whole national labor people's quality and level, so there is no conflict between the two.

The Financial Times
There are similar industry and equipment with you in other countries, could you tell me what is your unique advantage?

Lu Miao, the Deputy General Manager of Lyric
Through 14 years of exploration and study, we have made significant technological breakthroughs for many processes involved in the field of automated assembly, such as: rubberizing technology, tightening technology, spraying technology, welding technology, packaging technology, etc.; we have in-depth researches and rich project experience for the precise positioning and grabbing of some very soft products with difficult precise positioning. In addition, we have advantages in the flexible production, rapid transformation, research and development cycle and manufacturing cycle.

Bloomberg News reporter
What's the meaning of automation on the sunset industries?
Zou Pingsheng, Director of Huizhou Science and Technology Bureau
There are no sunset industries, but only the sunset technologies; only through constant technical innovation, the life of the product will be unlimited.

Media reporters
What are the policy advantages for innovative companies?

Zou Pingsheng, Director of Huizhou Science and Technology Bureau
In supporting the enterprise technology innovation, our city mainly centers on the oil chemical industry, electronic information, automobile and equipment manufacturing, clean energy and other industries. There are more forms of government support than before, such as early capital investment, investing of found, late subsidies and other forms.

Lyric feels honored to be interviewed by the world mainstream financial media as the Huizhou enterprise’s representative. This not only reflects the government's emphasis and care on Lyric, but also confirms Lyric’s huge development potential and leading position in the industry once again. Lyric will certainly cut the buck, and create a better future in the field of intelligent and integrated equipment.