Lyric Robot sets up German company to boost European market

Time: Feb 14,2020
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[European Special Correspondent Qiao Feng in Germany] In recent years, global issues such as rising labor costs in emerging countries, shortages of technical staff in developed countries, complex manufacturing technology and decentralized manufacturing locations have become increasingly prominent, and major manufacturing nations have "re-industrialized", "Smart Manufacturing Upgrade" was promulgated as a national strategy. Equipment manufacturing, which is the cornerstone of manufacturing, is a top priority for developing intelligent manufacturing in countries around the world.


At the end of 2019, Guangdong Lyric Robot Automation Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Lyric Robot), a leading Chinese company in the lithium battery equipment industry, formally registered a wholly-owned subsidiary in Germany: Lyric Automation Germany GmbH. The company officially started operating in Germany in early 2020. Lyric Robot is determined to make China automation stronger and more sophisticated, and is committed to becoming "a world class factory automation overall solution provider." Experts in the industry believe that the establishment of the company in Germany is an important part of Lyric Robot's internationalization, which means that Lyric Robot has cultivated strength for many years and officially started the journey of globalization on the basis of obtaining the leading edge of the Chinese market in related fields.

Lyric Robot is mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of intelligent equipment, and provides high-end equipment and factory automation solutions for Consumer and EV batteries, automotive parts, precision electronics, rail transportation and other industries. Among the domestic lithium battery manufacturing equipment companies, Lyric Robot is one of the few manufacturers with the ability to develop and manufacture intelligent assembly solutions for electric vehicle battery cells, battery modules and battery packs.


Benefiting from the strong growth of China's lithium battery application market and the tide of manufacturing transformation and upgrading, Lyric Robot's business has developed by leaps and bounds in recent years. Several of Lyric Robot's core technology products, such as R&D and industrialization of key technologies and complete equipment for lithium battery formation and capacity generation with hot and cold pressing, as well as key technologies and complete equipment for automatic assembly of electric vehicle battery cell making have reached international advanced levels in a number of technical indicators; Some indicators of automotive cam phaser automatic assembly and testing equipment have also reached the international advanced level.

Lyric Robot adheres to the development path of independent innovation, vigorously promotes the construction of an enterprise-oriented and market-oriented technology innovation system, and continuously improves its scientific and technological innovation capabilities. Focusing on leading industries, Lyric Robot’s team is working on innovation and development, highlighting the dominant position of corporate innovation. Lyric Robot believes in the "craftsmanship spirit", pays attention to excellence, research and development. The company has more than 280 authorized Chinese intellectual property rights, and more than 300 applications.


From the integration of automation equipment, automated production lines, intelligent storage and logistics, and digitized products to digital factories, Lyric Robot focuses on the characteristics of different fields, and integrates its expertise in sensing detection, high-speed and high-precision control, laser processing, artificial intelligence, and digital information technology, combined with its own software development platform, to provide highly competitive products and services for TDK, CATL, BYD, Lishen, SVOLT, Multimatic and other leading (Fortune 500) companies in various fields. In addition, Lyric Robot's developed automation production line have passed strict safety certifications of the EU, the United States and Canada, such as CE, UL, CSA, and ETL. In this respect, Lyric Robot fits well with the German manufacturing culture, which also focuses on technology and quality.

Why was the first foreign wholly-owned subsidiary selected to be set up in Germany? In this regard, Lyric Robot said that Europe is an important pole of the world economy, and Germany is the locomotive of the European economy. Germany is known for its strong manufacturing and industrial technology. Choosing to settle in Germany enables Lyric Robot to occupy a central position and using the geographical benefits, giving the company‘s overseas market development journey a higher starting point.



It is understood that before the official establishment of a German subsidiary, Lyric Robot had already conducted an in-depth understanding and investigation of Germany. It has already started business cooperation with a number of well-known German companies, and has invited the authoritative academician Prof. Dr. Zhang Jianwei of the Hamburg Academy of Sciences as a distinguished scientist to cooperate in the field of robotics, artificial intelligence and intelligent manufacturing technology. Mr. Thomas Nolting, who has had many years of experience in the automotive industry and who also serves as President of the Institute for Automation and Industrial Technology (IAIT), has been appointed as one of the two CEOs of Lyric Automation Germany GmbH along with Mr. Felix Li, the Director of the China Business Center Hamburg and Vice Chairman of the German-Sino Innovation Alliance.

The establishment of Lyric Automation Germany GmbH will not only promote Lyric Robot's business expansion in Germany and Europe to provide better service support for local customers, but also stimulate Sino-German intelligent manufacturing technology and the cooperation and exchange of talents, to further enhance the global reputation of "China's intelligent manufacturing".

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