IAIT President Became Lyric’s Consultant

Time: Jun 17,2019
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Lyric Robot Automation Co.,Ltd. (Lyric Robot) signed a Consulting Cooperation Agreement with Mr. Thomas Nolting, the president of IAIT on June 5th, 2019 and Mr. Nolting became a foreign consultantof Lyric Robot, which open a new chapter for the deep cooperation of both parties.


Mr. Thomas Nolting, is currently the president of IAIT (IAIT-Institute for Automation and Industrial Technology)responsible for the management of IAIT headquarters in Hanover of Germany.

IAIT is an official institute registered and operated in Germany. IAIT shall focus on promoting scientific and technological exchanges and enterprise collaboration in the field of advanced&intelligent manufacturing and industrial 4.0 between China and Germany and aim to promote the strategic connection between “German Industrial 4.0" and "Made in China 2025".

Mr. Thomas Nolting was the Technical Vice President of ThyssenKrupp Group in China and he has had more than 30 years of experience in the automotive industry withThyssenKrupp Group. Besides, Thomas has worked for 4 years in Shanghai, China, responsible for the research and development of production technology and project transfer business in China's automotive industry.

Mr. Du Yixian, the director of Lyric Robot Research Institute, extended a warm welcome to Mr. Nolting’s visit on behalf of Lyric Robot. We believe that Mr. Nolting’s profound international and multinational business background can help us with the European new energy automobile[A1]  market. On the other hand, IAIT-Institute for Automation and Industrial Technology has a rich talent reserve, thus the establishment of a close and cooperative relationship between the two parties is conducive to promoting Lyric Robot postdoctoral workstation to carry out deep  research in production-learning-research. 

After visiting the office area of our company, Mr. Thomas Nolting was very impressed. After viewing the workshop, he felt strong technical strength of Lyric Robot and put forward some constructive suggestions for the operation and maintenance of the workshop. Mr. Thomas said that Lyric Robot has strict management, well-organized structure and well-defined responsibilities. Besides, Lyric Robot has built up standard documents for each industry related to business. Therefore, Mr. Nolting expressed great confidence in future cooperation.


IAIT-Institute for Automation and Industrial Technology and Lyric Robot are the strategic partners on the basis of sincerity and mutual trust and the two parties shall work closely together to bring complementary advantages to each other. The cooperation will be beneficial for Lyric Robot to further enhance R & D strength and further improve the technology level and will help China’s intelligent manufacturing step into Europe and the globe.