Goddess's Day |To the loveliest.You guys.

Time: Mar 09,2019
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      North of China lives a Lady Fair,

standing alone, out of nowhere.

With one glance she upsets a town;

Another glance, and a whole state tumbles down.

Who cares what towns and states are built for?

When my fair lady is gone and no more.

Whatever you're a cute girl, or a strong girl. On this special day of 3.8, you have an exclusive identity-Lyric Robot’s Goddess.


On this day, I recall it’s been a big hit of love words on Tik-Tok lately

"This is the back of my hand, this is the back of my feet, you are my baby."

"Do you know what the difference is between you and the stars? The stars are in the sky, and you are in my heart. "


This only expresses the company's 1/10 love for the female compatriots, we come from different departments, work in different jobs, but we have a lot in common, for example, we have a lot in common with our families. With friends on this platform.Practice yourself in the past calendar, struggle together, support each other, and make progress together. Just as Lyric Robot Enterprise Culture advocates the arduous struggle, sapientia et virtus,help people to make achivements while make one's own” .

So, we are happy.

The most beautiful March day on earth, wish you all sisters, happy holiday!


"For the rest of your life, the wind and snow are you, the spring flowers are you, the summer rain is you, the autumn yellow is you, the four seasons are you, the eyes are coming, and it is you." Ma Liang's words are four seasons hurriedly, is we want to live a good life. The same thing, I hope you at Lyric Robot through the ignorance of young girls, through the youth of green, through mature wisdom. The company wishes you the most sincere blessing:



May you be gentle and lovely

Tenderness has never been the symbol of the weak, it is On the heels of the wind it slips secretly into the night, silent and soft, it moistens everything, As though a gust of spring wind swept past overnight,Bringing thousands upon thousands of pear trees into bloom, the new era of women with their own gentle strength, to props up a stretch of sky, to overcome the strong by applying soft methods.


May you be confident and strong.

At Lyric Robot there are good female leaders and good female engineers, and gender is never a barrier to your development. Delicate perspective and cautious way of doing things let us also in the post luster. Work together for the company commits to be a world-class supplier of FA solution


May you be free and easy.

I want you to be at ease like the wind, like the breeze blowing your face when quiet, and blowing up the storm when you move.You can put forward your own ideas boldly, or you can try to realize the thoughts in your heart.Here, the stage for your dreams. I love the unique you, just like the spring wind loves the spring rain, just like the summer loves the sun.


In a woman's life, she is a daughter, a wife, a mother, a grandmother. But also can have the story female classmate, has the courage female boss, has the talented female writer.


Cai Zongju, the only Chinese woman boxer with a real name in the world, said, "what's the point, the five-star boxer is too unladylike?" Please come and give your advice face to face. " Table tennis player-Zhang Yining, who won 19 world championships, said: "there's nothing you can't win, only you don't want to win." Women can have unlimited possibilities in traditional male positions, just like you are active in Lyric Robot- a high-end intelligent automation company.