Prof. Dr. Zhang Jianwei from the Hamburg Academy of Sciences appointed as

Time: Aug 29,2018
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On August 27, 2018, Academician Zhang Jianwei of the Hamburg Academy of Sciences and Lyric Robot signed an appointment agreement as "foreign scientist". This opened a new chapter for deeper cooperation between the two sides.



Signing ceremony

Prof. Dr. Zhang is a professor at the University of Hamburg in the Department of Computer Science, Department of Technical Aspects of Multimodal Systems, and is a well-known expert in the field of artificial intelligence robots. He has received numerous international awards. He is a member of the Overseas Advisory Committee of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council and the China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese, a member of the Academy of Sciences in Hamburg, President of the Tsinghua Alumni Association of Germany and President of the German-Chinese Entrepreneurs Association (DCUV). Prof. Dr. Zhang is mainly engaged in the research and development of intelligent sensor machine learning, self-organizing multi-sensor information fusion, intelligent robot multimodal human-machine interaction and other fields. Here has achieved fruitful results and has a high position in the industry.


Group photo with Prof. Dr. Zhang

Zhou Junxiong, CEO of Lyric Robot, said at the ceremony: "The research area of Prof. Dr. Zhang has a lot of overlap with Lyric Robot's technical development plan. Committed to developing high-end intelligent automation equipment, Lyric Robot must vigorously develop artificial intelligence technology so that the automation equipment can have artificial intelligence. This development will for a long time exist in the form of human-machine integration and human-machine cooperation, and at this stage, technologies such as multi-perception, machine autonomy, and multimodal human-machine interaction must be vigorously developed. Prof. Dr. Zhang has been hired by Lyric Robot as a foreign scientist and will help the company make great strides in mastering the development of cutting-edge technology, applying new technologies, and recruiting and training high-level talent."



Zhou Junxiong, CEO of Lyric Robot, during his speech


 Zhou Junxiong, CEO of Lyric Robot said: "Lyric Robot respects the technology and respects the talents. The power of innovation is essentially borne by talent. To achieve the benefits and leadership of innovation, we need to have first-class innovative talent."



Prof. Dr. Zhang Jianwei during his speech


Prof. Dr. Zhang said that he feels very honored to be a member of Lyric Robot and to share 30 years of experience in artificial intelligence and robotics with Lyric Robot to solve the vertical needs and use artificial intelligence to increase autonomy, intelligence and interactivity of machines. On the other hand, with Lyric Robot, he will jointly expand the range of services from the current level of factory automation to service automation and future home automation.



In-depth discussion with Prof. Dr. Zhang


As an expert who has been working and living in Germany for 30 years, Prof. Dr. Zhang will play an important leadership role in the internationalization of Lyric Robot. Prof. Dr. Zhang said he would do his utmost to bring together the high-quality resources of overseas research institutes, the University of Hamburg, the German Alumni Association of Tsinghua University, the German Industry 4.0 Association, and other platforms into a common laboratory to help Lyric Robot acquire outstanding talent and technology.


As an outstanding expert in the field of artificial intelligence robots, he maintains a good relationship with top companies in the fields of industrial robots, mobile robots, intelligent vision systems and robotic operating systems. Prof. Dr. Zhang said he will take the lead in the joint effort of these companies to jointly create an ecosystem with Lyric Robot as the main body to solve the larger industrial problems together.


It is foreseeable that Lyric Robot and more than 1,200 employees with the full support of Prof. Dr. Zhang will take more responsibility to take on the mission of strengthening and perfecting Chinese automation and create unique wonders of the private enterprise in the field of intelligent manufacturing and intelligent automation!