I Have a Date with Spring - Photos of Lyric Riding Activity at Honghua Lake

Time: Jul 30,2016
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With a breath of spring air
To enjoy the beauty along the greenway

Is this not a good reason for group dating?

Colleagues in Lyric’s Administration Department began planning very early.

But good things are a long time in coming, continuous wet weather after the Chinese New Year has delayed this activity time after time. As soon as it cleared up, we couldn't wait to meet at Honghua Lake, and opened the prelude of Lyric’s outdoor extending activities this year. So let's cherish this activity due to the hard-won good weather.  


Our outdoor extending activity started from the bicycle riding game at Honghua Lake, and we set out from the company at 6:15 in order to avoid the cycling tourists’ peak at Honghua Lake as well as make everyone feel different Honghua Lake.

Thumbs up for colleagues in Lyric!
Although we needed to get up so early
Everyone still glowed with full of energy!


Four teams
We were divided into four teams of red, yellow, blue, green
Look at them

Everyone seemed to be the champion


Easy to reach the first rally point


Honghua Lake dam
We reached Honghua Lake dam at 7:20
Without this activity
We were likely to make a dream in the bed


We were together all the way


Lyric's friends
Combined our efforts 
I was moved by them


Reaching the Destination

Colleagues in Lyric’s Administration Department prepared various outdoor extending activities for us, to exercise body and mind, and enhance team interaction and cooperation; the first round was the Honghua Lake cycling, followed by climbing Gaobang mountain and so on, we were divided into five batches to attend respectively in each round.

Thanks to the hard work of colleagues in Lyric’s Administration Department, they made our amateur life more rich and colorful.