Lyric Robot and Siemens Cerberus signed a contract for smoke detector automation project in Beijing

Time: Jul 18,2018
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Guangdong Liyuanheng Intelligent Automation Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as LYRIC ROBOT) and Beijing Siemens Cerberus Electronics Ltd (hereinafter referred to as BSCE) hold a signing ceremony of automation project for smoke detector automation project on July 16, 2018. Lyric Robot will create digitalized smoke detector automatic assembly line for Siemens. VP of LYRIC ROBOT Mrs. Lu, GM of BSCE Mr. Li, CFO of BSCE Mrs. Wang and core members of project team attended this signing ceremony.

 Beijing Siemens Cerberus Electronics Ltd. (BSCE) is one of the three R&D and production centers of Siemens building technology group, BSCE have been focusing on the research, development, design and production of high performance fire-fighting and HVAC products and systems for Chinese customers, as well as providing relevant professional technical services. Since its establishment, BSCE has always been determined to be the market leader of firefighting and HVAC products in the Asia-pacific region, developed and manufactured more than 1,200 products for customers in more than 60 countries and areas in Asia, America and Europe. In the field of factory automation and intelligent equipment, LYRIC ROBOT is also a pioneer in the domestic industry, serving many top industrial customers like Siemens.

VP of LYRIC ROBOT Mrs. Lu delivered a brief speech in signing ceremony: As a professional supplier of factory automation and intelligent equipment, LYRIC ROBOT supply automation equipment and service to customers in various fields around the world. Together with Siemens, LYRIC ROBOT aims to provide an integrated solution of automation for the Siemens fire-fighting products, and jointly build an intelligent and digital automatic production line.

Both LYRIC ROBOT and BSCE agreed that in China fire security industry still relatively weak in automation and informatization which compared with other more mature industries. There are common aims from both sides: to shorten product launch time, enhance production flexibility, improve product quality, and achieve energy saving efficiency and product traceability. LYRIC ROBOT will provide Siemens with an integrated digital solution for smoke detectors, including the technology platform needed for construction of digital enterprise such as remote operation and maintenance management platform independently designed by LYRIC ROBOT, robot controlling system, finished good detection system and data tracing system. 

“For smoke detector automatic assembly machine, LYRIC ROBOT has accumulated rich experience, I hope that it could continue to fully play its advantages of products and services, to help Siemens smoke detectors production, in the realization of automated production, effectively reduce costs and vigorously enhance capacity at the same time” GM of BSCE Mr. Li said.

This signing ceremony is outstanding brand collaborates, where is the beginning of win-win for LYRIC ROBOT and BSCE. LYRIC ROBOT hopes to further develop close contacts with Siemens on this basis, conduct comprehensive cooperation in various fields and at various levels, develop together and open a new chapter of intelligent manufacturing. At the same time, In order to achieve win-win cooperation and shared development, both sides will carry out technical exchanges intimately, integrated domestic and foreign high quality technical resources and innovative technology trends. 

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VP of LYRIC ROBOT Mrs. Lu miao and GM of BSCE Mr. Li dong

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Take a group photo at the signing ceremony