Tan Jianrong, a National Academician at the Chinese Academy of Engineering, was appointed as Chief Technical Adviser of Lyric Robot

Time: Jun 11,2018
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On June 10, 2018, under the leadership of Huizhou municipal party committee and district party committee, Tan Jianrong, a National Academician at the Chinese Academy of Engineering, distinguished professor and truth-seeking scholar of Zhejiang University, chief scientist of the “973 Program” (National Key Basic Research Program of China), and Lyric Robot formally signed the appointment agreement of Prof. Tan as "Chief Technical Adviser". Prof. Tan will lead the research and development team of Lyric Robot and compete with global high-end intelligent equipment manufacturers!


▲ Signing ceremony

The Head of Huizhou United Front Work Department, Wang Kaizhou, the Director of Huizhou Economic and Information Bureau, Wu Xin, the Secretary of the Huicheng District Party Committee, Lin Liyu, Organization Minister of Huicheng District, Ye Shubin, Huicheng District Science, Technology and Communications Bureau, Cao Yipeng, and other government leaders attended and witnessed the signing ceremony between Lyric Robot and Prof. Tan Jianrong.


▲Comrade Wang Kaizhou, member of the Standing Committee of the Huizhou Municipal Committee and head of the United Front Work Department


▲Comrade Wu Xin, Secretary and Director of the Party Committee of the Huizhou Economic Information Bureau


▲ Comrade Lin Liyu, Party Secretary of Huicheng District, Huizhou City


▲ Awarding the letter of appointment to Prof. Tan

Chairman Zhou Junxiong of Lyric Robot warmly welcomed the joining of Prof. Tan Jianrong: "Hangzhou is a remarkable place with outstanding people, it has the West Lake and Zhejiang University, where an elite is gathered. The famous Professor Academician Tan teaches there with long experience and great reputation." 

"Huizhou is a place where swans are gathering, and also has a West Lake, where Lyric Robot concentrates on intelligent manufacturing, practices the spirit of the craftsman, and takes the revitalization of the national industrial equipment technology as its own responsibility."

From today, Prof. Tan will lead Lyric Robot’s Core Technology Research and Development Team! Therefore, the personnel organization is mature and professional, with clear direction, more active market positioning and focused resource allocation. 

Prof. Tan has conducted a long study of large quantities of outstanding technologies and methods, such as automated equipment customization design, engineering transition state, integrated simulation for digital prototyping, integration of complex multi-component equipment, multi-level configuration and multi-parameter matching analysis. Now, these outstanding technologies and methods shall be deeply merged with Lyric Robot's intelligent equipment integration technology. In the future, Prof. Tan and Lyric Robot will also cooperate to establish postdoctoral workstations and academic workstations. 

Being in such a good situation, with such a strong drive, Lyric Robot will continue its strong development in a harsh market competition, it will show its strength for the first time in the global manufacturing industry and will be inevitably successful.” 

Prof. Tan expressed that in the Guangdong-Hong Kong and Macao Great Bay Area it has not been easy to breed Lyric Robot in Huizhou for more than 10 years to focus on the intelligent integrated equipment automation. Lyric Robot’s achievements in the high-end intelligent automation industry were highly praised and recognized by Prof. Tan. He encouraged Lyric Robot to introduce the ideas of high-level Academicians, the Academician research team and the Academicians' research and development achievements. The two parties shall cooperate closely, set up research institutes with Academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences to support Lyric Robot’s development!




▲ Prof. Tan, Huizhou district government leaders and Lyric Robot’s Chairman

Brief introduction of Prof. Tan Jianrong 


▲Prof. Tan Jianrong of the Chinese Academy of Sciences 

Prof. Tan Jianrong of Zhejiang University, a truth-seeking scholar and distinguished professor, a doctoral tutor and Director of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, is a famous expert in the field of mechanical engineering in China, won the National Science Fund for Distinguished Youth Scholars in 1994, was elected as Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering in 2007.

Prof. Tan is mainly engaged in mechanical design and digital manufacturing research. In this field, he has put forward many technical methods for the following methods: combining mass production and customization through a great number of customized designs, engineering transition state, Fuzzy State, stochastic state modeling and Digital prototyping integrated simulation, combined numerical and geometrical integration of complex multi-component equipment, multi-level configuration and multi-parameter matching analysis. Prof. Tan won the second prize of the State Science and Technology Awards twice, both the first and the second prize of the National Excellent Teaching Achievement Award once, obtained six Provincial- and Ministerial-level Scientific and Technological Progress Awards. Prof. Tan has put forward technology to be used in software. He has also developed and obtained twelve computer software copyrights, which obtained successful application in a number of manufacturing enterprises. Prof. Tan has published and edited eight monographs and books. 142 of his papers were accepted by SCI/EI.