Lyric Robot is invited by Siemens to attend the 2018 "The Belt and Road" international summit

Time: Jun 08,2018
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Adhering to the spirit of "peaceful cooperation, open tolerance, mutual learning and mutual benefit" as the core, "the Belt and Road" initiative has been fully launched, the world is entering a new journey of globalization. Lyric Robot actively responds to the "the Belt and Road" initiative, believing that this initiative is an important driving force for future globalization and will create huge business opportunities for the global market.

With its global layout, leading scientific and technological strength, comprehensive product portfolio and a strong industrial base in China, Lyric Robot is through unremitting efforts, for the "the Belt and Road" contribution to work together to achieve success. Work together to achieve a far-away! The 2018-Way "International Summit", organized by Siemens, was launched in Beijing on June 6.


It's an honor to be Lyric Robot. Siemens invited, as a guest speaker to attend the 2018 "the Belt and Road" international summit, Lyric Robot Research Institute du Dean will publish " Lyric Robot intelligent equipment to help" the theme of the "speech."



As a huge planning to get through the economic cooperation channels in Asia, Europe and beyond, China Unicom has many countries, to complete this big plan, "the Belt and Road" must bring many Chinese enterprises to "go out". For many Chinese companies, this is the perfect opportunity to adapt and "go out". Lyric Robot as a global enterprise, has always valued the international market, in the "the Belt and Road" before the policy has been actively open up overseas markets, has for the United States, Canada, Britain, Germany, Turkey, India, Vietnam and other TOP5 customers to provide efficient and high-quality products and services. Successively in Switzerland, Germany, the United States and other places to set up offices in order to better carry out the overseas market expansion, has undertaken a Canadian BMW Bonnet hinge assembly line, the British automatic assembly lines, the German Scania rolling production line and India speaker assembly line and other projects.


Lyric Robot is using the east wind of national strategy to contribute to the construction of ' the Belt and Road '. In the future, Lyric Robot will continue to enhance its own strength, adhere to the quality is the lifeblood of the enterprise, adhere to the "customer first, hard work, the Ming de phenomena, Cheng talent" of the values, adhering to the "cooperation, openness, mutual win" principle, promote the "the Belt and Road" of the construction of the country along the way to bring China program and Chinese wisdom,Along the way "building contribution Lyric Robot power!"