Lyric Robot Du Yixian: AI Introduces Power Battery Intelligent Manufacturing

Time: May 24,2018
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Abstract: Yixian Du pointed out that the next generation AI will present 5 major features: One is the large data-driven knowledge learning, the other is the cross-media collaborative processing, the third is the human-computer synergy to enhance intelligence; the other is the intelligent system.

In July 2017, the State Council issued the "New generation of AI development plan", and then the Ministry of Industry issued the "promotion of a new generation of artificial intelligence industrial development three years plan of action, in order to deepen the development of intelligent manufacturing."

It can be imagined that the AI, robotics, information, automation and other intelligent manufacturing technology will be fully integrated into each other in the future, which is the premise to achieve of unmanned chemical plants, but also the future of lithium-ion manufacturing production line of discrete development trends. On 21st May, the 11th GGII Battery Industry summit was held in the Four Seasons Hotel in Shenzhen, with the theme of "Industrial change competing for safety and risk, enterprise stratification and stability first".

As the authoritative platform of the lithium battery industry, this summit attracts more than 700 senior executives from the materials, equipment, batteries, BMS, PACK, whole vehicle and new energy automobile industry chain.


The 11th GGII Battery Industry Summit site

At the summit, Dr. Du, director of the Lyric robot Institute, published a keynote speech on "The upgrading and practice of lithium-ion equipment technology in the context of intelligent manufacturing".


Dr. Du, dean of Lyric robot Research Institute

Dr. Du points out that the new generation AI will present 5 major characteristics: the 1st is the knowledge learning driven by the large data, the 2nd is the cross Media collaborative processing, the 3rd is the human-computer Synergy Enhancement Intelligence, the 4th is the group integration intelligence, and the 5th is the autonomous intelligent system.

In this context, Lyric robot independently built virtual debugging technology and factory-level joint simulation technology. Among them, the virtual debugging technology uses the 3D model to carry on the equipment virtual debugging, verifies the equipment control logic program and the process design flow.

Factory-level joint simulation technology is the production line layer 3D model simulation data upload, configuration personnel, logistics planning information, automatic generation of plant operation data, the output of the best configuration, capacity, logistics layout is reasonable and other plant operation data.

At the same time, Lyric robot set up a remote operation and maintenance platform, through the cloud server to automatically parse the data, to achieve data in the computer, mobile end and other platforms to display, to achieve the equipment control system, such as remote upgrades to maintain.

It is worth mentioning that recently, Lyric robot has made a new breakthrough in the visual flaw detection of the appearance of the electric core.

It is understood that the current in the detection of defects in the core has more than 30 detection items, including some of the defects of the characteristics of the project is not obvious, and the defect shape instability. Lyric robot uses the deep learning artificial intelligence technology; the network is composed of resnet residual convolution neural network, target search Suggestion box, a RPN, a prediction layer and the final decision-making level. The classification and positioning error are trained together, and the trained network is applied to defect detection at last.

Lyric robot has been standing on the cutting-edge of intelligent manufacturing, GGII was informed that Lyric robot started his business in 2002, is a professional for the Global 500 enterprises to provide factory automation, intelligent equipment automation solutions provider.

At present, Lyric provides automation equipment and services for our customers in the fields: automotive components, new energy lithium batteries, precision electronics, rail transport, medical, fire and other fields, in the new Energy lithium battery field, Lyric mainly provides the lithium battery electric core automation production line, lithium battery module and pack automatic production line for the domestic 3C digital and power battery industry. Manufacturing scope covers a wide range of technical routes, such as square, cylindrical, soft package, etc.